One basic way to know that your mind is renewed is when the impossible world looks logical to you. We have amazing teachers in our children’s church who intentionally teach them from a very young age that nothing is impossible! I believe if we have this kind of mindset in this country a lot of things will change and one of the changes is that there will be breakthroughs in area of research and development. One basic reason why we do not have many researchers in various fields from around this region is because there is a wrong belief that it is impossible to have breakthroughs that will change the world from here.

If the impossible does not look logical then your mind is not renewed. This is how transformation takes place inside us: Faith does not come to your mind it comes to your heart. And a renewed mind enhances faith because when God speaks to you, He speaks to your heart and it cannot come to reality if your mind is not renewed enough to tap into what God is saying. When God speaks, it takes a renewed mind to bring it to reality.

God has not called us to be realistic, He has called us to be supernatural. That is why He calls those things which be not as though they were (Rom. 4:17) and this is the more reason we are called to be prophetic which is of two forms: foretelling and forth-telling. Foretelling is predicting what will happen in the future, while forth-telling is to create it and we have now become co-creators with God. I have always said that real power is not present with the politicians [alone] but with the believers. People like Nehemiah, Esther, Joseph, Daniel were operating from this realm. If it took a cupbearer named Nehemiah with the backing of God to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, God can and will raise a man to cause reformation and transformation in this country by the power of the Holy Spirit.